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Département d Hôtel Formation


Nous offrons une formation linguistique pour chaque département à partir de groupes individuels ou pour plusieurs ministères ainsi que, selon les besoins de l'hôtel. Quand on parle de départements, nous avons à définir qui est inclus et qui n'est pas, afin d'obtenir les meilleurs résultats d'apprentissage en raison de la reconnaissance des besoins communs et individuels de chaque position et département.

Nous définissons comme suit:
Front office:

Réceptionniste, caissier, groom, portier, back-office, quasiment décalage, night auditresponsable de nuit, gestionnaire de quart et les réservations, responsable des réservations, relations avec les clients,Guest Relations Manager, les stagiaires
In some Hotels the reservations are big enough to receive their own training and count as single department.

Waiter, waitress, banquet staff, cashier, bartender, service staff, trainees, restaurant/barshift leader and manager (kitchen see below)
In some big hotels the banquet is a separate department due to its size and can be trained separately but in most cases the banquet can simply be added to the restaurant staff since they normally help each other out and have quiet similar requirements when it comes to their daily tasks.



Hotel Training Department Seperation 2

Room maid, public area cleaner, trainees, house technician, engineer, chief engineer, gardener, shift leader and manager
These individual positions and departments usually have a common standard of knowledge when it comes to English language and it makes perfect sense to make these to one learning group/ Experience has shown that these departments have strong communications between each other since they can move free in the hotel towards the department bound other employees. There is no conflict in training them all as one group rather benefit for all of them.

Sales, accounting, administration
These departments rarely have any contact with the individual guests, so it is up to the hotel to decide which of those departments and which of their positions should receive language training in their respective fields.

The kitchen in each hotel is different and some hotels do not have kitchen staff with guest contact, however for hotels with better standard it is quiet common to provide one or several cooks in the restaurant to help the guest decide on what to eat or they prepare fresh dishes like for example variety of eggs in the morning. We recommend to let the kitchen staff including cleaner participate in the training for the restaurant if no separate training is required!

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