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The Ed-Visa
To apply for an ED Visa, the requirements are:


- Minimum age 12
- Passport and Passport photos, 12 photos
- The school fee of 25,000 THB


How To Get the Ed Visa


Step 1


  • - Bring your passport and photos to the school.
  • - Fill in the application form and required paperwork.
  • - Pay 50% of the school fees.


Step 2


  • - We will submit your paperwork to the Department of Education and they will enrol you as a student in their database.
  • - When we receive the documents back from the Department of Education, we will provide you with a copy of the paperwork.
  • - Upon receiving this set of documents from us you will be required to pay the remaining 50% of the school fees.
  • - You need to go to any Thai Embassy outside of Thailand, preferably Penang Malaysia, to obtain your ED-Visa.
  • - The fee for the documents and visa is approx. 3,000 THB.
  • - Once you are back in Thailand with the ED-Visa in your Passport, we must make a copy of your Visa and the entry stamp.
  • - We will prepare the same set of documents after 3 months for you to extend for another 9 months at the immigration office in Phuket.


Once you have the Ed-visa in your passport you wont have to leave Thailand again as long as your one-year visa is valid. We can renew this for you currently up to 10 years. You will only have to report and extend it every 3 months at the local immigration department.


After 3 months we will provide the necessary documentation for your extension. It usually takes 15 minutes at immigration as we have dedicated staff who will deal with immigration on your behalf. No more big queues! Note there is an additional fee for processing paperwork which includes the immigration extension fee



Should you have to leave Thailand for private reasons, you need to get a re-entry permit at the Immigration Office for your Ed-Visa. Currently, a single-entry costs 1,000 THB, and multiple re-entries cost 3,800 THB. Without the re-entry permit your Ed-visa will expire upon leaving the country.


Once you have obtained your Ed-visa, we will assign you to a class and you will study 2 sessions per week, 2 hours each (total of 4 hours per week) for 50 weeks over the course of a year. This gives you 200 hours of learning time in our air-conditioned and fully equipped classrooms


All that's left for you to do is to enjoy your permanent stay in Thailand and enjoy the benefits of learning the Thai language at our school.


The Genius Language School

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