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About our School

The Genius language school was founded in early 2009 and has established itself as a valuable institution in the education system. Founders and owners Ms. Mathuros Ketsri and Mr. Supradit Chariyasophit participate in the management and the daily operations of the school, which creates that personal touch for both students and teachers alike.

By following the educational laws and regulations, in addition to the teachers’ code of ethics and conduct, our school has been well-accepted within the foreign and local communities, as well as the government institutions involved.

It is the school’s aim to provide best individual teaching methods, tailored to the individual student’s needs, to ensure the highest possible learning success for the student.

Furthermore, we always strive to improve the educational standard of knowledge to further improve the Thai education system in general, thereby ensuring an increased standard of education for every single student in Thailand.

The improvement of the education system will in turn not only increase the knowledge of the students and therefore their prospects for better positions when seeking employment, but also raise the standards of lifestyle for everyone residing in Thailand.


Get to know our teachers
1. Mr. SupraditChariyasophit (Aooddy) (Thai, English, Computer and Mathematic)
2. Miss MathurosKetsri(Lyn) (Thai, Mathematics and Science)
3. Miss MinggquanRaktangjan (Ming) (Thai, English and French)
4. Miss ArpatsaraChainet (Aui) (Thai, English and Chinese)
5. Miss Rattana Wanglem (Inda) (Thai, English)
6. Mr. Giuseppe Cazzanello (Italian, Spanish and French)
7. Mr. Peter Keip (German and English)
8. Mr. Christopher Austin (Chris) (English)

The Genius Language School

39/9 Prabaramee Rd., Patong, Kathu,Phuket 83150 | Mobile : 095-979-9359, 099-516-9959 TEL. : 076-296029 | email : aood16@hotmail.com